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Saturday, 4 February 2012

My adventure with my fellow nakama ~ Part 1

29th September 2010.
Well today, me, my friends and teachers are going to climb Mount Kinabalu. So, my teachers rented two buses for me, my friends and them (the teachers). We gathered at our school, SMK Tansau Penampang, Putatan around 6 o'clock in the morning. We need to get to Kinabalu Park early in the morning so that if climb up the mountain wont be so dark. It takes about two long hours from my school to Kinabalu Park. As soon as we arrived we put our unneeded stuffs at Kinabalu Park before we climb Mount Kinabalu. But, before we started climbing, we took a picture with our banner. :DD


After that, we started our climbing from 10 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. During the climbing, there were eight station to rest for a while before continuing the climbing. There was a lot of American people while we were climbing. There were even a woman at golden age climbing Mount Kinabalu, I was very shocked when I saw her and she was very spirited to reach to the Low's Peak. Also, during the climbing, I ate the foods that I bring to keep my body temperature hot and reduce the coldness at the mountain. There were also squirrel running around, they will come near you if you gave them some food, such as sandwich. Then, after long hours climbing we reached to Laban Rata and rest for a while before going to our hotel to sleep. We ate some foods there, drinks and relax a little bit. It was a buffet, take any kind of food at any amount or quantity. The food was delicious ! After finished eating, we went to the hotel to get some sleep for continuing climbing at 2 o'clock in the morning.

At the next day around 2 and a half o'clock in the morning,we continued our climbing to the Low's Peak. We decided not to took all of our stuffs while climbing to Low's Peak, because the guider told us that it wont be took a long time to reach the Low's Peak. So, we left our stuffs at the hotel our room. During the climbing we can feel the breeze that was very cold, even if uses jacket plus sweater still can feel the very very cold breeze ~ It was very dark, hard to see around. It took around 2 hours to reach at Low's Peak.

After we took some pictures at the Low's Peak, we directly go back to the hotel to take some stuffs that we left before went to Low's Peak. Then, we went to Laban Rata to eat a little for breakfast and continue our journey. This is some of the picture before we continue going back to Kinabalu Park.

While going down, the part that most hurting is at the calf. It felt like being stabbed. One step equal to one stab at the calf. But in the end, we manage to endure it. But, some of my friends got cramp on their leg. Also, some girls were crying of the pain. Felt a little sympathy towards them. But, the main point that we all felt the same, is, we all had a lot of fun ! Also, enjoys every single moment we spent during the climb ~

These are the tired faces after the climbs ~

That's all for now, next time I shall continue the event after the climbs ~ :DD
Sorry if it is too formal ~ c(¬-¬) .

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